Design and created this Greek style plate with my new laser engraver.

> Had the plate already. I used Adobe illustrator to create the design on the plate and the laser to etch it.

> I then used sand paper to rough up the edges and antique it.

> Finally used a reddish colored alcohol ink to dye the wood giving it a similar color to clay.


The Power of Intention


Mixed traditional and digital media.

I think that intention is an interesting subject, one that’s generally implied within our lives yet often under-utilized. I believe we all have intentions on what we want out of life or who we want to be but they’re sometimes scattered and unfocused.

Here are 5 suggestions on how to create a stronger intention to better manifest the things you want in life:

1 > Write it down. I know that seems too simple but it’s often overlooked. When we write something down it brings it into reality.

2 > Post it somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a poster on your wall where everyone can see but somewhere that will often remind you of it. It could be in your sock draw, where you hang your keys, etc. You get the point.

3 > Wear it. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve. I try to wear my intentions around my neck or on a finger. I think jewelry is a great way to wear intentions. I’ve had multiple amulets over the years that have a specific intention attached to them and they help keep that thought close to me.

4 > Tell someone. This relates to accountability. I find it much easier to be accountable to other people than to myself. I’m in an artistic accountability group that meets once a week. It helps to share your intentions with others. It somehow makes you more serious about what it is you say you want.

5 > Walk with it. This is the most powerful of them all. If you walk you should seriously try this out. State an intention before you start your walk and throughout the walk keep reminding yourself of that intention. Write it on your hand as a reminder. You’d be surprised at how incredibly powerful this is. I’ve manifested an entire art career with this method.

Final Note: Make sure your clear on what you want to manifest through your intentions. If you keep a constant reminder of what your intentions are they are going to come true. Just keep your awareness open to doors that open which lead you closer to your intended outcomes. Some people call this synchronicity, others call it coincidence. I’m not a big fan of the word coincidence because I think people misunderstand it’s meaning. It isn’t things that happens by accident or as a fluke. It’s something that happens which “coincides” with your intentions.

Last thought: I’m not referring to positive thinking because for me that’s too vague of a concept. I’m referring to clarity and focus of your intended outcome. When we’re clear about what we want and we concentrate on it through focused intention we manifest it into our lives….

Q: If you have any great ideas for strengthening intentions please leave them in the comments below..