Check out this Custom engraved guitar I just made.

As you might know already I recently bought an Epilogue Laser. I got the Helix 75 watt laser and it’s pretty amazing. I’m pretty much obsessed with it and I’ve been locked in the studio since it arrived.

One of the reasons I got this laser was to create custom engravings on the backs of guitars. I’ve created a bunch of guitar designs in the past but that’s mainly been with painting on them or drawing on them with sharpies. Now I have the ability to engrave them and It’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a quick list of what went into this project:

> I wanted to create an image that had a Roaring twenties / Art nouveau feeling to it. I designed the image you see in ilustrator.

> The girl was an image that I had drawn in my sketchbook a while back. I scanned her in and redrew a bunch of details in photoshop to get her ready for the design.

> I like the movement of her dance like pose and thought she’d make a great addition to a guitar.

> After the design was complete I sent the job over to the laser for engraving. There’s an image in the slideshow above showing the guitar in the laser being engraved.

> After the guitar was out of the laser I stained the engraved portion of the image and then sanding the top surface to get the image to appear dark on the inside and light on the outside like you see in the finished piece.

> The last thing I did was use a wood polish to condition the wood.

Limited Edition Wood Guitar Design Posters

I also cut the same design out of a piece MDF board painted white, pictured above. I’m planning on making limited edition cutouts of guitar designs. You can see a picture of the back of the cutout design. Each piece will be numbered and signed. The final run will be made out of wood and will most likely have leather on the back which will also be custom engraved like you see in the slideshow. I’m really looking forward to releasing my first limited edition series of this design.

Like I said above I’m pretty obsessed. I have a ton of other things that I’ve made as well and will share them with you when I get images taken and put together an appropriate post to highlight the other projects.

Your Feedback is appreciated >>

What do you think about this design? Would you be interested in my limited edition guitar art? Please let me know in the comments below. I’m trying to get a feel for how this type of decorative guitar inspired art would work in someone’s home..Thanks ahead of time for your input…….

The following images are related to one another but they’re just small snippets of what this small but in depth project entails. Once l get high res images taken and some video I’ll be putting together a full preview of my most intricate piece of jewelry to date. I’m so looking forward to sharing this special project with you!! Coming Soon…..