A good friend of mine had a nephew that passed away a few years ago at a very young. His name was Luca and he had Down Syndrome. I’m uncertain what his exact age was but he couldn’t have been more than 6 years old. I remember when it happened and how my heart broke for her. I have twin nieces and can only imagine what that must have felt like.

Since this happened I’ve wanted to do something for her in honor of her nephew. I’ve had a number of ideas that I never fully worked out but recently I was thrilled when she asked me to create a design that would go on a box for her Sister, Luca’s mom. Her sister has 3 children now, each of them are younger than Luca. One set of twins, (boy and girl) and a baby brother as well.

She wanted to give her sister a healing stone of Amethyst and present it in a box with all 4 of her children’s names on it. After a long search she finally found a box to fit the Amethyst stone . She found it at a cigar shop in NYC and handed it over to me to make it into something special. The pictures in the slideshow show the finished result.

Design: For the design I chose a center motif with floral designs around it, a couple of butterflies heading in the North and South cardinal directions, a heart for each of the 4 children and outstretched wings uplifting and protecting the kids names. The box was black when I got it and had the cigar shop’s logo on it. After sanding it down to remove the logo I realized that it was made mostly of MDF board so I had to faux finish it to look like antique wood. I wanted it to feel old, as if it had been in the family for 100s of years. I hope this box blesses their family, that it brings healing to her sister’s heart and that she fills it with a bounty of past and future memories for many years to come..

Thanks for sharing this special project with me…