I attended the first ever Sideshow Sketch night at the Brick House Brewery in Patchougue, Long Island. I’ll keep it brief by saying it was awesome. Big props to @deanistheworst , @amandareillyart, @paperdollvintage, @misspropane, @trickthebastard for hosting such an incredible event. I especially loved all of the drawing contests that they had. So much fun….

I drew on my new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for the first time and it was amazing. Can’t say enough good things about how natural it feels to use this digital medium. I went to my studio today and decided to work back into the drawings from last night and bring them to finishes. I finished these in photoshop mainly just to add lettering. Check out the results….

Loved this Sideshow banner that they had there…


These were the original images that I drew last night on my iPad Pro before editing them in photoshop…



Here are the finished pieces….

Betsy Propane 1


Betsy Propane 2


Betsy Propane 3


Betsy Propane 4


Trick the Bastard


Betsy and Bastard’s Flaming Headdress


Coney Island Presents Trick and Betsy



Thanks for checking this out. Let me know which one of these is your favorite by commenting below. 🙂