Let’s start this inside edition look into I AM HUMAN – Sketchbook of an Addict in it’s proper place with the face of the man who made all of this possible…

The person saying “Horror Genre” is none other than the infamous Jeffrey K Fisher, American illustrator and all around lover of himself.

That’s right, Jeff was a huge fan of himself and for good reason. He could draw like the dickens. He was an incredible draughtsman and was well versed in so many facets of art creation. He was an illustrator, a muralist, a court reporter sketch artist, a printmaker, a painter, and an amazing teacher.

I owe just about every bit of skill that I have as an artist to Jeff and I’m honored to say that.

When I first met Jeff in 2002 I was 30 years old, had never kept a sketchbook before, and had never drawn from the live model.

When Jeff passed away unexpectedly in 2014 at the age of 58 I had amassed 40+ sketchbooks and over 7500 hours of study from the live figure.

Needless to say, Jeff had a major impact towards my ability to design, draw, and create anything that I wanted to. He was a mentor, a friend, and a brother.

I’ve dedicated this book to him and will forever be in debt to the generosity and caring that he showed in shepherding me into my life as a professional artist.