Artistic Manifesto – Together we’ll make a difference

The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind, and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because of the artists, who are self-selected, for being able to journey into the other, if the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found. – Terrence McKenna

This quote by Terrance McKenna is something that fuels me in my pursuit of diving deeper into the realm of spirit but it frightens me as well since saving the soul of mankind is a daunting task. I’m a big believer in honoring our sacred connection to the unknown, and I decided a while ago to take a stand in helping support the evolution of our human trajectory.

Here’s a list of goals I’ve created for my artistic contribution:

  • Create art that speaks to the sacred connection we have to the unknown
  • Create art that honors the Earth, the animals on the Earth, the sacred elements, and the sacred spiritual teachings of indigenous cultures
  • Work with clients that are engaged in work that supports the evolution of good for all Human-kind
  • Donate a portion of my income to support conscious initiatives that help the Earth, the animals, and our Human family

Why I’ve chosen this path

One of the essential concepts in creating the life you want is defining your purpose. Finding the “why” has become a standard initiative of most successful entrepreneurs. There’s a reason for this:

It’s no longer acceptable, in my mind, to create art that doesn’t have a purpose that will help others. I’ve come to the place in my career where it’s critical to spend my time creating art that helps in some way. We, as a western society, have become so detached from this planet and the sacred connection to nature and spirit.

This disconnection has manifested itself in numerous forms. Isolation, depression, mental health issues, preventable diseases, and loneliness are just a few of the symptoms of our departure from the connection we have with the Earth, with ourselves and with each other. I believe art can help lead us back to our roots and back in harmony with one another.

Through my engagement with indigenous practices from around the world I’ve continued to strengthen my core connection to the Earth, to the spirit of the unknown, and most importantly to myself.

It’s this path of purpose and responsibility to the greater whole that has cemented my decision to create value through art. This manifesto outlines a way to make a difference using my creative endeavors. I vow to use art and music to reach out to those who are looking to find their way.

I will also stand as a rock of commitment and an anchor to those who are already on this path. Through this offering, I intend to shine my light into the collective evolution of our planet and our human race.

A Call for Connection

I’m sending out an open invitation to connect and work with anyone that aligns with the following objectives:

  • Collectors who desire conscious art in their home or business. Art that’s embedded with prayer and positive manifestation that will add blessings to your sacred space.
  • Spiritual centers that are seeking sacred art installations for their space which will enhance the interaction and support of their community.
  • Clients that have active business initiatives which are adding to the protection of the Earth, Human consciousness, sustainability, healing, and community development.
  • Seekers who would like to develop a closer connection to the unknown through the incorporation of creativity and community into their lives.
  • Advocates who are looking to inspire people in their life by giving the gift of art. Art heals, and we can improve the world together by spreading the light of creative inspiration.

Let's work together!

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