I attended the first ever Sideshow Sketch night at the Brick House Brewery in Patchougue, Long Island. I’ll keep it brief by saying it was awesome. Big props to @deanistheworst , @amandareillyart, @paperdollvintage, @misspropane, @trickthebastard for hosting such an incredible event. I especially loved all of the drawing contests that they had. So much fun….

I drew on my new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for the first time and it was amazing. Can’t say enough good things about how natural it feels to use this digital medium. I went to my studio today and decided to work back into the drawings from last night and bring them to finishes. I finished these in photoshop mainly just to add lettering. Check out the results….

Loved this Sideshow banner that they had there…


These were the original images that I drew last night on my iPad Pro before editing them in photoshop…



Here are the finished pieces….

Betsy Propane 1


Betsy Propane 2


Betsy Propane 3


Betsy Propane 4


Trick the Bastard


Betsy and Bastard’s Flaming Headdress


Coney Island Presents Trick and Betsy



Thanks for checking this out. Let me know which one of these is your favorite by commenting below. 🙂


Wanted to wish you a great Halloween. Posting this painting I did last year of my good friend “The Crowkeeper”. Actually this is his father standing proud in his work. The Secret with this guy is that he kept the crow’s from eating the corn in the field by befriending them instead of scaring them. The crows loved him but the Scarecrow council wasn’t happy with his methods, but that’s a story for another day… Let me know what kind of feeling this painting gives you in the comments. I’m curious as the how the color palette and storytelling come through….Thanks..

I’ve set a goal for myself to become proficient in painting. One of those disciplines for me that’s important is digital painting. Although it’s not entirely like physical painting the concepts that make up a successful image are the same and those are the things that I’m interested in honing as an artist. Composition, focus, harmony, color, subject matter, story. These are all things that take precedence over technique for me. That’s why I choose to create art in multiple mediums. Im not too concerned with the medium but more interested in the idea of creating images that communicate clearly. This is what I’m working on and digital painting allows me the opportunity to work out these concepts in a more expeditious way. This is the first digital painting that I’ve completed since taking on this self imposed goal to become a better artist/ storyteller/ painter… It’s entitled “The Rise of Consciousness” Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. You’re feedback is not only welcome it’s encouraged…

One of the greatest gifts I’ve received as an artist is the ability to draw things for my friends and family. My twin nieces are my biggest fans. They’re also my greatest challengers because they don’t see the limits I perceive in my own mind. To them anything is possible and my artistic abilities have no limits. I cherish that pure belief for it makes me better than I thought I could be.

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I recently sat down and spoke with Artwork Archive about art and life. Follow the link in my bio to read the full Featured Artist discussion..

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TBT to that spaceman set I designed and built on the roof of THECEEFLAT gallery in Brooklyn. DJ Justintime is rocking the suit and of course a disco ball. 🙂

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TRUE Story: I painted this at paintnite last night in Lomg Beach. It wasn’t really what they wanted us to paint but, oh well, I did it anyway. Might have ruffled a few feathers but I had fun. 🙂

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