Our souls speak to us through visions. Imagine bringing that vision to life!

Have you ever had a powerful and life-changing vision?
What landscape did you see? What was the emotion? 
What colors prevailed? How did it make you feel?

Keep that image in your head and imagine owning a physical creation of your personal vision. What significance would that image hold?
How could that image assist and guide you on your daily walk? How could it support you throughout your Sacred Journey in life?
Throughout my career as an artist, I’ve enjoyed painting a variety of incredible images that have created a clear vision of
my journey as well as the dreams and aspirations of countless others. My specialized training in storytelling and
concept design has allowed me the ability to create and compose mood and meaning in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional
creative works. This means that I can help you realize a visual depiction of your unique vision!

Imagine an Original keepsake that will become a treasured family heirloom!

The creative journey begins here!

Scroll Down to Contact Me and tell me all about your unique vision.
We’ll begin this creative journey through email as we begin to unpack and illustrate your unique vision!

View this trailer for “Sail On” – A Sacred Journey commissioned painting

Sail On ~ Trailer for the upcoming documentary.

This painting was created for my client Lynn based off of an idea she had to honor her personal healing journey. The song is called “Moon Fisherman by McHale off his album City of Walls.



Naomi – Huntington, NY

Soulfully creative.. intuitive.. genuine.. self-less in that Peter listens to your desire and then he manifests what you didn’t even realize you were actually sharing and then .. he creates the art that is your unique message with integrity and honor. His art gives us a closer look into what words always fall short of. A view into love, hope, creation and the joy that is within us but couldn’t express, he does that for us.

If I had to describe your work to a freind I’d use the words emotional consciousness. Your art connects people to deeper parts of themselves.


Marie – San Diego, CA


Kim – Aliso Viejo, CA

Passionate interpretations of beauty and nature, embodying emotion. Your art enhances living spaces, invokes thought and contemplation and ignites conversation.

Thought provoking and reflective. Your art always attracts people who come over to our home and offers conversation and insights. Honestly for me…they make me smile and feel a spiritual connection. Your art creates beauty and positivity. In today’s world this is often overlooked and your art makes us pause for a moment or two. ..to enjoy the beauty in front of us..making us remove ourselves from the craziness of life.


Amy and Stanton – Tustin, CA


Sacred Journey Commissions are unique because they evoke a feeling or an idea beyond what words can express. Adding a powerful image to your story allows the meaning to integrate on a much deeper level than with words alone. Images have the power to define your dreams, elevating your internal belief system to a place of incredible clarity and purpose. Packages start at $6500.00 (and include a video documentary of the whole creative process. The video shown above is more akin to a trailer.)

Fine Art Commissions consist of two-dimensional or three-dimensional works of art for the purpose of enhancing the beauty and communal interactivity of interior spaces. I specialize in drawing, painting, wood engraving, and mixed media works. Imagine that perfect piece of artwork that you always wanted but were never able to find. We can make that a reality! Packages start at $6500.00 (and include a video documentary of the whole creative process. The video shown above is more akin to a trailer.)

Spirit Animal Commissions consist of digital paintings, physical two-dimensional paintings, or three-dimensional dioramas depicting your personal spirit animal in any environment and mood that you want. Whatever scene you can imagine we can create. Imagine where you’d love to see your spirit animal. What would that perfect place look like? Packages start at $6500.00 (and include a video documentary of the whole creative process. The video shown above is more akin to a trailer.)

I can't wait to hear about your unique vision

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