Top 5 benefits of connecting with your inner light

I believe that we all have an in-extinguishable light inside of us. This is the ultimate source of wisdom and connection to our most authentic self. I believe in you and the unique gifts that you bring to this world. Shine bright my friend. The world needs your light!

So what are the top 5 benefits to connecting with your soul and intensifying your light?

  1. You’ll gain a deeper sense of belonging – The world can make it tough to feel as if you belong but by strengthening the connection you have to your inner light you will feel a deeper sense of connection. That’s because you will have a greater sense of self which pays dividends towards understanding who you are. That knowing will draw other to you that are similar and inevitably you’ll eventually know that you always belonged, you just hadn’t met your tribe yet..
  2. You’ll get to know your own personal Yoda – That’s right, who hasn’t dreamed of having Yoda as their mentor. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a Yoda inside each and every one of us. This wise sage speaks to us from within. It appears as a voice, intuition, our feelings or our heart. It always has the final say and that say is always the truth. You may choose to ignore that wisdom but it will never turn it’s back on you. Deepen your connection, know your sage, and embrace your inner Yoda.
  3. You’ll discover your greatest gifts – We all have gifts that we bring to the world and by knowing yourself from an internal perspective you can engage, cultivate, and manifest your greatest assets. These things will illuminate your uniquemess, they will burn bright and will fill you with immense joy. It’s pretty remarkable what a true connection with your soul will bring to you. Incredible gifts await, you just need to start listening and cultivating that relationship today.
  4. Your life will blossom – It’s true. I’ve witnessed it in myself. Beauty comes from knowing oneself and connecting to our inner light. It’s easy to be yourself as a child but as time goes on we tend to lose our way and get lost in the confusion of life. Like a ship tossed around the sea you search for solid ground but there’s nothing in sight. When you tap into your inner navigation the sun emerges along with the rains and the winds of fate begin to blow in your direction encouraging you to unfold and metamorphosize into the beautiful being that you already are. That’s worth getting to know yourself for sure..
  5. You’ll become you – This is the ultimate goal for all of us here on planet Earth. It seems so simple but it remains such a struggle to achieve. How do we become more like the person we know we are inside? Well, we start to commune with that inner wisdom and we listen to it. The key is to trust that wisdom. In order to do that we need to develop our connection first. With a strong connection we will get strong intuition. Then we’re off on our greatest adventure sailing freely and joyfully upon our ship of destiny.
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