Eternal Blessings Project @ ICEC

The Eternal Blessings Project was created for and installed at the Indigenous Cultural Education Center – ICEC – a 501c3 Not-for-profit in Lebanon, Connecticut. The ICEC was organized to provide an opportunity to experience the cultures and spiritual practices of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and around the world. The center helps people to become aware of the contributions of Indigenous People to modern culture and to understand how the knowledge and wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples can be applied to alleviate many of the problems we face in the 21st century.

John and Linda Reed asked me to create a donation poster for the ceremony space that would help people to locate the box. I saw an opportunity to create a prayer based piece of functional art to add beauty and purpose to the room. The result is what you see here. The slideshow below is a collection of pictures I took while creating the Eternal Blessings prayer piece. Have a look through to see the various stages and fun pics I took while working on this awesome project.

I began with an image of Osprey Hawk wings. The ICEC logo is a medicine wheel with an Osprey Hawk flying over the top. In between the Osprey Hawk wing paintings, I custom designed and laser engraved a very special prayer box with a central tourmaline gemstone bead and cedar protection beads. The wings also have cedar protection beads woven into the tips.

Visitors to the ICEC choose small red or yellow cards that are located just below the center box and write their blessings, prayers, manifestations, on them. People place the cards into the box through a slot located at the top. With a fire ceremony, we offer the blessings so that they may go out into the four directions of the wind to bless all those that they encounter.