Everyday magical

Your art makes the everyday magical! Viewing your art makes me feel like I have superpowers, as if I had X-ray vision or could talk to animals. It combines the familiar with the surreal in a very powerful way.

Jennifer Gresham , Coach/ Mentor

Mystic and Ethereal

Your art enlivens the mystery and sacred within the viewer. When I think of Peter’s art the words ‘mystic and ethereal’ Come to mind. His images draw me into a world where mystery and magic are alive.

Gillian Neill , Spiritual Treasure Hunter

Thought provoking and reflective

Thought provoking and reflective. Your art always attracts people who come over to our home and offers conversation and insights. Honestly for me…they make me smile and feel a spiritual connection. Your art creates beauty and positivity. In today’s world this is often overlooked and your art makes us pause for a moment or two. ..to enjoy the beauty in front of us..making us remove ourselves from the craziness of life.

Amy and Stanton Skallerud , Friends/ Collectors

Continuosly evolving

You and your art – are both continuously evolving. I’ve know you a long time and have been around your art just as long. There is no one way to describe either. But I will say, any way you describe Pete Bragino or his art – can only be done positively. Your art offers the world a new outlook, out of the box thinking – something today’s world lacks, and needs, desperately.

Ashley Gonzalez ,

Soulful Reflection

A deep soulful reflection of this world. Peter’s art gives me solace when I look into it. I was gifted “Celestial Bridge” and it is the only piece of art that sits on my desk. I love it!

Kirsten Roberts ,

Inspirtation & Peace

Original, innovative, and visionary. The benefits your art offers the world are inspiration, stimulation, and peace!

Kim Cass ,

From thought to Creation

The art that you create is real, expressive and has past, present and future all in one. The art itself benefits the world right from thought to creation!

Michael Scafuto , Entrepreneur/ Promotion Specialist

Soulfully creative

Soulfully creative.. intuitive.. genuine.. self-less in that Peter listens to your desire and then he manifests what you didn’t even realize you were actually sharing and then .. he creates the art that is your unique message with integrity and honor. His art gives us a closer look into what words always fall short of. A view into love, hope, creation and the joy that is within us but couldn’t express, he does that for us.

Naomi Wolf , Healer

Passionate Interpretations

Passionate interpretations of beauty and nature, embodying emotion. Your art enhances living spaces, invokes thought and contemplation and ignites conversation.

Kim Armstrong , Expert Makeup Artist

Emotional Consciousness

If I had to describe your work to a friend I’d use the words emotional consciousness. Your art connects people to deeper parts of themselves.

Marie Ali , Healer

Deeper Exploration

Storytelling, spiritual journey, and self-discovery. Peter’s art takes you on a journey of different dimensions and realms. His art is so incredibly colorful and ignites a real appetite for deeper exploration.

Kadia Saraf , Actress/ Warrior

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